FAQ for the car washing machine

Before you plan to import automatic car washing machines from China, you must have a lot of doubts. TOPWELL has compiled some of the most concerned questions and answers for customers. If your question does not appear below, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

1. How to solve the installation problem?

Under normal circumstances, we will send 1-2 engineers to the customer site to install and debug the equipment, and it takes about 10 days for one set machine. Customers need to bear visa fees, round-trip air tickets, local accommodations, and an allowance of 100 USD per person per day.
Affected by the COVID-19, engineers were unable to go abroad to install equipment. However, we will provide very detailed installation drawings and online guidance. The customer needs to have mechanical and electrical engineers on site. At present, customers from Japan, Romania, Ecuador, Mexico, Indonesia, Cambodia, Bolivia, Mongolia, South Sudan have completed the installation through drawings and the equipment is running well. The equipment will be installed and debugged in the factory before leaving the factory, and each component will be marked to keep a one-to-one correspondence with the installation drawing.

2. How to solve the after-sales problem after the equipment is installed?

At present, WhatsApp and other foreign social media software cannot be opened in China without a VPN. Therefore, after cooperation, we suggest the customers download the WeChat App. Topwell will set up a separate group for each customer, which includes the salesperson and the technician in the factory. If you have any after-sales problems, you just need to describe the problem clearly and send relevant photos and videos to the group. Our technicians will guide you and provide a solution immediately.

3. How long is the machine warranty?

For car washes with brushes, the equipment is guaranteed within 16 months after the equipment is received; the touchless car washes are guaranteed for 3 years; During the warranty period, Topwell bears the cost of the accessories, and the customer bears the international freight.

4. How long is the lead time?

Tunnel type-standard 380V, 50HZ needs 40-45 working days; Rollover type-standard 380V, 50HZ takes 20 working days; Touchless type-standard 380V, 50HZ takes 10 working days.

Wheel washing machine-standard 380V, 50HZ takes 5 working days; Bus and truck washing machine-standard 380V, 50HZ takes 30-35 working days. The non-standard voltage needs to add 10-15 working days on the basis of the above, and all electrical components need to be customized by the manufacturer.

5. What about the payment term?

T/T in advance or L/C at sight can be negotiated

6. What are the advantages of Topwell compared with other car washing machine brands?

Brand advantage-Topwell’s cooperative factory is the leader in the car washing machine industry, specializing in the production of car washing machines. The equipment is optimal in terms of cleaning effect, stability, and failure rate.

Professional advantage-Topwell has been in the car washing industry since 2015 and has maintained a continuous and good cooperative relationship with the factory, which is equivalent to the factory’s export office. At the same time, grasp the current situation of domestic car washing machines, and know the advantages and disadvantages of each car washing machine factory.

Geographical advantage-The distance between Topwell and the factory only costs 1-1.5h, support factory inspection at any time.

Service advantage-Topwell partners actively break the concept of jet lag, stay online 24h, and provide customers with no-worry services

TOPWELL only supplies cleaning system products!

7. I want to connect the car washer to the payment system for unmanned management. Can Topwell do it?

Yes, currently in foreign countries, payment stations support the three methods of coin/banknotes/credit cards. China is currently unable to achieve this type of charging system because credit card receipts and payments require cooperation with local banks. But we can leave the signal wire for the car washing machine in advance, understand the signal wire of the payment machine and just connect the two signals. We are experienced in this area.

8. My staff and I do not have any professional knowledge of equipment, how to manage and maintain it?

Except for the professional car washer agents that we cooperate with (acting for our brands and also for European and American car washer brands), it can be said that most of the other customers are the first time to come into contact with a fully auto car washer. Our equipment is actually very simple to maintain, and the operation manual also gives detailed regular maintenance instructions. For example: regularly apply engine oil to the chain, empty the air inside the compressor every day when the business is closed, wipe the surface of the sensor every day, and so on.

If the equipment fails, the touch screen will give an alarm record. The operator only needs to take photos of the faulty part and the alarm record. We may still need the signal light photo of PLC, after that, our technicians will give the troubleshooting method to find the problem and solve it. Every step is operated after our guidance, which is very easy to handle. And the equipment has high stability, so there is no need to worry about the failure rate.

9. How should I set the charge standard?

The water and electricity consumption of each model is different. The cost of washing a car needs to be calculated based on the local water and electricity bills. At the same time, the rent and the cost of equipment depreciation need to be considered. Refer to the charging standards of manual car wash shops in the same city and the charging standards of competitors for fully automatic car washes to customize profitable and competitive prices.

10. If I want to install a car washing machine, how to choose a site?

The gold rule of omnipotence: the location with high traffic volume is the prime location. Such as gas stations, highway intersections, large supermarkets, large parking lots, dense residential areas, etc.

11. If one part is broken, will it affect the operation of the entire device?

This is one of the advantages of TOPWELL equipment. If an accessory is broken at the peak of the car wash time, there is no time to replace it with a new accessory. The operator can manually turn off that function on the touch screen without affecting the normal operation of other functions. Damaged accessories can be replaced when the shop is closed at night.

12. what are the requirements If I want to be Topwell's agent?

Many customers like to ask the agent at the beginning of the communication. Here we have three suggestions for it:

a) Basic cooperation

b) Own installation and maintenance team

c) Minimum annual sales