What are the characteristics of the fog cannon machine?

The clear characteristics of the fog cannon machine are mainly manifested in the wide range of water mist coverage, low water consumption comparing with water cart guns, low noise, and high safety.

We analyze its advantages from the COMPOSITION of the fog cannon machine:

1. Nozzle: The dust removal effect is closely related to the diameter of the spray particles. The diameter of high-end stainless steel nozzles can be selected according to customer requirements. It can cover a relatively large area, and the tiny artificial fog particles sprayed out will float in the air for a period of time. The length of the mist generated by a single nozzle can reach 3-5 meters, the width of the mist is 1-2 meters, and the water mist contact dust will condense and landing in order to achieve the purpose of dust suppression.2. Water pump: Stainless steel multi-stage centrifugal pump, compact structure saves equipment space; no need to add lubricating oil for maintenance, superior corrosion resistance.

3. Fan: The function of the fan is to generate high-speed airflow. When the fan impeller rotates, the high-speed airflow is ejected from the air outlet, blowing the fine droplets formed by the nozzle atomization to the required area. The dust suppression fog cannon machine adopts a centrifugal fan with convenient driving, high wind pressure, high wind speed, and strong air penetrating power, which can not only ensure the spray range but also improve the atomization effect. The tail of the fan adopts the original imported alloy stainless steel nozzle, which is wear-resistant, avoids rust and clogging the nozzle, and uses sinusoidal sawtooth guide vanes to effectively reduce aerodynamic noise.

4. Fan blades: Aluminum alloy fan blades, aviation wing design, excellent aerodynamic performance and performance under variable conditions, strong aerodynamic matching ability, and low starting loss.

5. Left and right steering mechanism: The self-steering system adopts the traditional gear system and the limit switch for control, which can meet the needs of any rotation angle of 360 degrees in the horizontal direction. Common model use turboscrew support+high strength bearing (upper one);Trailer type and throw range exceed 60m will suggest hydraulic bearing support (lower one).

6. Up and down pitch mechanism: The pitch angle hydraulic system consists of a hydraulic pump station with a hydraulic lock and a bipolar oil cylinder, which has a good shock absorption effect and is not easy to damage. Linear actuator optional (see photo attached below).

7. Control system: The control system adopts imported PLC as the core control device of the system to ensure the reliability of control. At the same time, the open PLC system can be connected to other related equipment to realize linkage control.

8. Remote control device: The automatic type of fog cannons can be controlled by remote control, with a remote control distance of 100 meters, which can remotely control the start, stop, rotation, and pitch angle of the machine, easy to operate.

9. Installation method: The installation method of the fog cannon is more flexible. It can not only be fixedly installed on the plane of concrete or steel structure but also can be installed on the vehicle for mobile spraying. It is suitable for any place that needs dust suppression, cooling, deodorization/odor control, and disinfection.

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