What should be 100% paid attention to during the use of fog cannons?

For the dust suppression fog cannons, good care and maintenance can extend the service life and reduce the failure rate. In response to the feedback from our customers, we sorted out the following points that should be pay attention to:

1. When connecting the fog cannons to the power and water source:
1) The fog cannon machine uses the industrial frequency power supply provided by the generator set (can also be connected to the mains power supply), the rated working voltage of the motor is AC380V, and the output AC voltage of the generator set is 400V, 50Hz.
2) When using three-phase 380V city power, there must be a power switch before connecting to the electric control box of the fog cannons, and there should be a good grounding on the power switch; the power cord should be connected to the electric control box of the equipment.
3) When connecting the power cord, the power switch on the front of the electric control box should be turned off and in the OFF position, and the wiring can only be performed after testing and confirming that there is no electricity.
4) The three-phase five-wire system is adopted. When selecting the power cord, the wire diameter should be determined according to the total power specified in the product technical parameters to ensure that the power cord has sufficient load capacity.
5) Hoses and joints are the same as cables, and must be checked regularly so that problems can be found in time and hidden troubles can be eliminated. The hose in question must be repaired by relevant professionals. After using it in winter, remember to empty the water in the entire circulating waterway to prevent freezing and damaging the pump, and to prevent the spray pipeline from being blocked, affecting the next use and causing unnecessary losses. If the water source is not directly from the tap water pipeline, in order to prevent the filter from being seriously polluted and protect the high-pressure pump, it is recommended to add a water filter before the pump (We will provide it). The frequency of filter cleaning depends on the water pollution level. After the filter is removed, please use a high-pressure water jet to rinse, if necessary, use a brush.

2. Inspection work before the fog cannons is turned on:
1) Pipeline inspection: Check whether the corresponding switch of each water supply pipeline is turned on before starting the machine.
2) Power phase voltage check: After the installation and check are correct, turn the power switch on the electric control box to the ON position, and then use a multimeter to check whether the voltage of each phase line is balanced. If it is unbalanced, check whether the line and terminal are disconnected, Poor contact, or other failure causes, if it cannot be ruled out, you should contact TOPWELL in time.
3) Check the circuit breaker status: Check the switch status of the circuit breaker. All the circuit breaker switches should be in the ON position for the equipment to work normally. If the circuit breaker switch is not in the ON position, turn the circuit breaker switch to the ON position.

3. Pneumatic wrenches, air supply hoses, joints, and clamp throats should be regularly inspected for safety. If abnormalities are found, they should be repaired or replaced in time. The test run of the fog cannon machine after maintenance shall be carried out in the protected closed area, and only a short time less than 1-minute of the high-speed test is allowed. Do not idle at high speed for a long time at any time.

4. Before starting, first check that the tool and its protective device are intact, the clamping is normal, there is no looseness, the tool part has no cracks, and the air circuit seal should be checked, the air pipe should be free from aging and corrosion, the safety device at the pressure source is intact, and the air pipe is connected.

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