The details you need to know after purchasing the fog cannons

  • The operator and the relevant equipment management personnel should read the instruction manual carefully before operating the fog cannon, and master the basic structure principle, and the relevant knowledge of the use and maintenance of the fog cannon; when using and operating the machine, they should strictly follow the instructions manual.

  • The ground supporting the dust suppression fog cannon should be flat and solid; the whole machine should be placed horizontally and will not tilt during the work.

  • The water pipes should be piped according to the site situation. When piping, the length of the pipeline should be shortened as much as possible, and fewer elbows and hoses should be used. Pipe laying should facilitate cleaning, troubleshooting and disassembly, and repair. When the new pipe and the old pipe are mixed, the new pipe should be arranged at the place where the pressure of the pump is high.


Start-up inspection steps of the fog cannons

  1. Pipeline checking. Before starting the machine, check whether the corresponding switch of each water supply pipeline is turned on and whether the water volume of the water storage tank is sufficient.
  2. Power checking. Check the lines and terminals for disconnection and poor contact. Check the switch position of the circuit breaker to make sure the circuit breaker is working properly
  3. Check whether the air inlet of the fog cannon is unobstructed. It is forbidden to stand or place sundries within 1 meter of the air inlet.
  4. Check the direction of the air outlet of the fog cannon. It is forbidden to stand or place sundries within 5 meters of the air outlet.
  5. After the inspection is completed, the normal remote control starts, or the electric control cabinet starts locally.



  1. During operation, it is strictly forbidden to press the start button of the water pump first, and the water pump can only be started after the fan of the fog cannon is running normally. So as not to cause the liquid to flow back into the fan due to starting the water pump first.
  2. After the fan is started, keep people away from the air inlet and outlet of the fan.
  3. Strictly allow sediment and debris to enter the water tank, so as not to block the pipes and nozzles, which will seriously damage the pump.
  4. Check the tightness of each part of the screw, and it is strictly forbidden to burn the internal components of the pump without water idling.
  5. After the winter operation, the accumulated water in the machine must be drained to avoid freezing cracks in equipment and pipes
  6. When the temperature reaches freezing points, it is strictly forbidden to use it. Wait until the ice in the aircraft has melted before starting the device. In this regard, for the sub-zero area in winter, the fog cannon can be equipped with a heating system, and all pipelines, water pumps, and cannons will be wrapped with heating belts to avoid use under freezing conditions.

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