How to choose the right fog cannons?

1. It needs to be installed on a high platform or tower, or has a high range requirement: We recommended choosing fixed fog cannons. This installation method has the widest spray range and higher stability.

2. Need mobile one and use in a SMALL area to suppress dust: It is recommended to choose a trailer-type fog cannon. This type of fog cannon is usually equipped with a diesel generator and a water tank (or with an industrial quick plug and a water pipe quick connector), which is convenient and quick to use, and the purchase cost is moderate. Accept the shape customization.

3. Need mobile one and use in a WIDE area to suppress dust: Choose a vehicle-mounted fog cannon machine, which is flexible and maneuverable, and can be equipped with a corresponding generator set and a large-capacity water tank. It has a long working time, the purchase cost is relatively high and installation requires a certain technical basis.

4. The demand for dust suppression at a close distance of 15-20 meters: Choose a small fixed or hand-push fog cannons, which has low purchase cost and simple maintenance.

5. Choose through the required range: The commonly used fog cannons on the market have a range of 20 meters-120 meters. Correspondingly, the larger the throw range=the larger the size of the equipment=the greater the power of the fan and the pump, and the higher the price.

6. Choose through the use environment: The operating environment will be very different depending on the area where the equipment is used. Especially in areas where the ambient temperature is relatively low or where there are flammable and explosive gases or dust, specially designed fog cannons, such as “explosion-proof fog cannons, cold-proof fog cannons”, etc. need to be considered basic on real using sites.

7. On-site water source situation: As an industrial machine, the fog cannon can adapt to most environmental water as the water source. However, if there are a large amount of visible granular magazines or silt in the water, it is necessary to add a filter device or carry out a sedimentation treatment.

8. On-site power supply determination: If you use a three-phase power supply, please inform the local voltage and frequency, we will configure the motor and electrical components in accordance with the local power supply standard; If the power supply is a generator set, it is recommended that the output voltage frequency is 400V/50HZ to shorten the delivery time of fog cannons and generators.

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