The working principle of the fog cannon machine?

The working principle of the fog cannon machine

The principle of the dust suppression fog cannon machine is that after the liquid pump sprays the water, the fan sprays the water out. It can spray 120 meters away and 90 meters high, spraying water mist into the sky to achieve the effects of suppressing dust, greening, and dust removal. This kind of fog cannon is just a good environmental protection weapon for controlling PM2.5 exceeding standards. The long-range air-driven fog cannon can effectively control dust, reduce dust concentration, improve the working environment and prevent industrial and mining accidents, and play an important role in promoting safe production, protecting the health of employees, and maintaining environmental sanitation. Adopting the international advanced spray gravity dust reduction technology, the water is atomized into particles of the same size as the dust through high pressure, and the water mist is projected to a distance under the action of the fan, and the spray covering is carried out above or around the dust source. Dust particles come into contact with water droplet particles and become moist. The moistened dust particles continue to absorb other dust particles, gradually condense into particle clusters, and settle under the action of their own gravity, and achieve the rapid suppression of dust sedimentation purpose.

The air-driven dust-reducing fog cannon is suitable for various open-air coal storage yards, ore piles, slag yards, stockyards, railway freight yards, seaports, crusher plants, mining plants, steel factories, chemical plants, demolition sites, and construction sites dust control. The air-powered fog cannon machine relies on a high-power fan as the power source of water mist, and atomizes water into 20-50 micron water mist through high pressure. Under the action of the fan, the water mist is blown to the distance, the range is far, the coverage is wide, the horizontal rotation is adjustable from 0°-350°, and the vertical direction is adjustable from -5° to 50°, which can ensure spraying everywhere in the field In place, it has the effect of reducing dust; at the same time, the spray fan is an integrated device, eliminating the need for on-site installation and post-maintenance costs such as pipelines, pumps, valves and other related facilities. It is economical, applicable, simple, and convenient. The remote control can operate the start, stop, up and down, and rotation control of the fog cannon within 100m, which is easy to operate.

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