Application and development of fog cannons

Fog cannons-a new product born from environmental pollution, also named as mist cannon. According to the principle of air delivery, a high-pressure pump and a fine atomizing nozzle are used to atomize the water, and then uses the air volume and pressure of the fan to transmit the atomized water mist to a long distance.

It can cover a relatively large area, and the tiny artificial fog particles sprayed out will float in the air for a period of time. The length of the mist generated by a single nozzle can reach 3-5 meters, the width of the mist is 1-2 meters, and the water mist contact dust will condense and landing in order to achieve the purpose of dust suppression.

The water mist sprayed by the fog cannon machine absorbs, gathers, and settles with PM2.5 and PM10 dust particles suspended in the air to achieve the purpose of reducing pollutants and reducing haze. According to relevant data, when fog cannons are put into dust control, PM10 in the air is reduced by 10%-20%, and PM2.5 is reduced by 3%-5%.

In recent years, high-pressure spray dust reduction technology has been used in many coal mines abroad, and the dust suppression effect is also very significant. The reason for the high dust reduction rate is the high condensation efficiency of water mist and dust particles. When spraying at low pressure, the water mist particles are used to reduce dust through inertial collision, interception and capture of dust, and Brown diffusion. It is the continuation of TVOC air purification technology and traditional HEPA filtration technology, which is more advanced, more scientific, lower energy consumption, and purified. Emerging technology with more significant effect; and the use of high-pressure spray not only has the four mechanisms of low-pressure spray, but also makes the water mist have a higher negative charge, thus significantly improving the collection efficiency of a single water mist particle to fine dust.

The application range of fog cannons is very wide. In addition to the above-mentioned urban PM2.5 air pollution control and pollution control, it also controls the urban environment, coal industry, open-air control of dust pollution on roads; storage yard, material piles, ash piles, construction sites, demolition dust, municipal infrastructure, construction waste, waste residues, transportation of coal, sand, earth, garbage, crusher plants dust, vehicles and Heavy-duty vehicles, coastal port stockyards, bucket wheel operations, ore and bulk powder handling dust pollution control, airports, highways, stations, wharves, public venues, and other fields have played an important role.

At the same time, different configurations and different types of fog cannons can be flexibly adapted to the application in the above places. According to the dust suppression area on the site, the range can be selected from 20-120m (exceed 120m needs to be customized). If an on-site water/power source is lacking (such as outdoor places mines, quarries, etc.) models with water tanks and diesel generators can be chosen. If the place is frequently changed (such as the demolition site), mobile/vehicle-mounted models are the best choice for this case. The trailer can be hung on the truck to achieve flexibility in the site shifts. There are multiple control methods for the device. In addition to a one-key startup on the device, it can also be remotely controlled within 100 meters through the remote control or connected to the central control system to achieve linkage with other devices. Open PLC provides multiple connection methods.

As one of the effective solutions to control air pollution, improve the ecological environment and the working environment, the fog cannon machine will maintain continuous innovation and continuous technological changes to meet the needs of the development of the times as a member of the environmental protection industry.

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